Discover the furniture you want, directly from the experts that can provide it to you. Do you prefer rustic designs from reclaimed wood?  How about a classic piece that you can hand down to your  children?  Come in and find an item that suits your taste and style. Do you have a custom item that you have been missing from your life? If you can dream it we can make it. From functional pieces such as windows, doors, and cabinetry to fun or decorative items such as pictures frames, furniture, doll houses, toys and more!

Custom Wood Products and repair. 

  • Shower doors and enclosures
  • Vinyl storm windows and doors

We perform repair and maintenance on Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum Windows.

For Aluminum and Vinyl Windows

we offer:

  • Reconditioning.
  • Balancing. 
  • Pane Replacement

Custom glass designs and replacement

Vintage Window Restoration and Recreation

Custom Built Wood Windows and Repair!

How many times have you heard or thought the phrase "Things just aren't made the way they used to be." Look no further, here at Window Master we do  historically accurate recreations, restorations and repairs. We will spare no expense or labor to to provide you with the most historically authentic piece possible. We will:

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Here at Window Master we not only services your windows but their accessory parts such as your screens. We currently offer:

  • Frame Repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Replacement of retaining clips, latches and other hardware.
  • Recreation and restoration of custom wood screens.

Screen Repair and Replacement

We offer custom screen replacement and construction for: 

  • Antique and Vintage Doors
  • Custom or discontinued front entry Doors.
  • Patio Doors.
  • Wood Windows.
  • Wood furnishings such as speaker casings.

Custom Screen Replacement

Window Master: Real Wood Products

For Wood Windows we Offer:

  • Reconditioning
  • Rope and Weight maintenance
  • Glazing
  • Sash repair
  • Paint stripping and re-painting. 
  • Glass Pane replacement.
  • Custom windows
  • Historic window restoration
  • Insulated glass
  • Storefronts
  • Entry doors
  • Custom cut acrylics​

Are you tired of hearing that "it can't be done"? Window Master Real Wood Products LLC can handle any challenge. You know eventually —no matter the precaution made—glass inserts in your windows, doors, or furniture might need to be replaced. Whether you need a replacement to your shower door or a window within a historic building, you will find the right creative services for your needs at Window Master Real Wood Products LLC. Fulfilling all your residential and commercial glass requests

Window Repair and reconditioning.

  • Match the recreation with the appropriate vintage wood.
  • Match the molding/profile using over 400+ specially crafted knives.
  •  Match arch profile and dimensions
  • We offer both surface joint and Mortis and Tendon joints.
  • We have stained glass available.
  • For a more economic solution we also offer visually authentic
  • modern recreations.